Raise happy, healthy kids–on and off devices.

Tech Parenting 101: The only online course that gives you research-backed tools to navigate tech parenting - from your kid’s first phone until they leave home.
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Raising teens in the age of smartphones is uncharted territory. 

And it seems like you’re navigating it without a roadmap.
How do you set and keep healthy boundaries with tech?
How can you monitor their tech use without losing their trust?
How do you help them navigate the ups and downs of social media?
Where in the world do you start when it comes to tech parenting?

Finally, answers to all your tech parenting questions.

(Even the ones you didn’t know to ask.)
Tech Parenting 101 brings you the latest research to help you:
Confidently make decisions about phones and social media
Have meaningful conversations with your kids
Understand the warning signs of unhealthy use
Manage screen time like a pro
Set smart boundaries and keep your kids safe
Help kids (ages 10-17) build healthy tech habits to last a lifetime
"It feels like parenting is harder when phones and social media are involved. Tech Parenting 101 solved that problem for me. I know what to do and say, I feel more confident and it’s improved all the relationships in our family.
- James H.
Meet your tech parenting guides

Dr. Jacqueline Nesi &
Dr. Emily Weinstein

We’re psychologists, researchers, and authors who have dedicated our careers to helping families navigate tech.

We get it. Feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced when it comes to tech parenting is totally normal – but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve spent over a decade researching, teaching, and working with families to make informed decisions about tech and social media. We want to help you do the same.

We’re excited to take the guesswork out of tech parenting and set your child up for success.
Clinical Psychologist &
Researcher at Brown University
Developmental Psychologist & Researcher at Harvard University

Your roadmap to reclaiming peace and managing technology in your home.

Get a glimpse of the lessons inside Tech Parenting 101.
The Basics of Tech Parenting
Understand how the teen brain works, what happens when you add tech to the mix, and what you can do - even as tech continues to change.
Keeping Kids Safe Online
Get a real picture of online risks and make the most of privacy settings and controls that put your child’s safety first.
Screen Time & Tech Addiction
Get research-backed tips for managing screen time, spot the warning signs of problematic use, and set them up for healthy tech habits that will last a lifetime.
Protecting Mental Health
Learn how to protect your teen’s mental health, help them navigate strong emotions, and build their self-esteem in meaningful ways.
Navigating Social Media
Help your kid through all the ups and downs of social media from friendship drama to risky content.
Tough Topics
Learn the essential talking points for covering pornography, violent video games, sexting, and more.

You can help your child build healthy tech habits.

1. Get Tech Parenting 101.
We’ll break down the research to guide you from managing screen time to online risks–all while teaching you exactly what to say.
2. Watch at your own pace.
With bite-size videos packed with actionable steps, you can put your new skills to work in your own household.
3. Feel more confident.
Parent your kids confidently knowing you have an evidence-based roadmap to raising happy, healthy kids in a world with tech.

Technology isn't going away.

You and your kids deserve so much more than a life that’s disconnected and stressed behind a screen. With Tech Parenting 101, you can finally get a roadmap to parenting your teens and tweens so they can build healthy tech habits that will last a lifetime.
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Tech Parenting 101

What's included?

- Library of 30+ video modules
- 15 printable handouts, scripts, and guides
- Lifetime access to the course
- 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Tech Parenting 101 brings you the latest research to help you:

Confidently make decisions about phones and social media

Manage screen time like a pro

Have meaningful conversations with your kids

Set smart boundaries and keep your kids safe

Understand the warning signs of unhealthy use

Help kids (ages 10-17) build healthy tech habits to last a lifetime





Raising happy, healthy kids is just one click away.


What ages is the course for?

It’s designed for parents of pre-teens and teens (roughly ages 10-17). However, we’ve found that parents of slightly younger pre-teens (ages 8-9) find it helpful, too, as they look forward to the next stage of tech parenting. 

My child is between the ages of 0-6. Can I still take the course?

If you’re the parent of a younger child, we’ve got good news!

First, if you really want to get ahead on planning for smartphones and social media, no judgment here. This course is for everyone!

Second, we’re hard at work on a new course just for you! Our new course, designed specifically for parents of kids ages 6 and under, will cover everything you need to know–from how to pick age-appropriate content to managing screen time tantrums. Join our waitlist so you’ll be the first to know when it’s released.

What’s the format of the course?

Short, actionable videos (3-5 minutes each) that you can watch at your own pace. The course also includes printable guides on topics like setting parental controls, worksheets for making a screen time plan, and scripts for talking about tricky topics (like sexting and porn).

Can I listen to the course?

Yes! Purchasing the course provides you with access to both the video version and a separate audio version–perfect for listening while on-the-go. After purchasing, you’ll get an email with details on how to listen, podcast-style, to the audio version in the Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts app.

What topics do you cover in the course?

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • How to talk to teens about sexting

  • Tech addiction and warning signs

  • Getting through cyberbullying and digital drama

  • Essential study skills & digital distractions

  • Helping teens cope with intense feelings

  • Non-screen ways to build self-esteem

  • How to talk to teens about porn

How long do I have access to the course for?

Forever! Purchasing Tech Parenting 101 provides you lifetime access, so you can come back and revisit anytime new challenges and questions arise.

What if the course doesn’t work for my family?

If you take the course and don’t love it, let us know within 30 days. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.



Verified User

Steph, mom of an 8-year-old and 10-year-old

This is FANTASTIC and will be a great resource for parents! I can't wait to go back and watch more videos and shamelessly borrow for my parenting therapy sessions.


Verified Users

parent of daughters age 12 and 25

I like that these videos are short and to-the-point. The printables seem useful. Also I like that the course is affordable and possible to complete over a short amount of time, and divided clearly into distinct topics and situations.


Verified Users

Sarah, mom of 12 and 10

These are really great! They are engaging, non-judgy, perfect length and they are packed with great info without being too much/dense.  Excellent delivery of such important info and I really hope everyone (esp in my school district) watches.my parenting therapy sessions.


Verified Users

mom of 15 yr old son, 13 yr old daughter

Easy to understand information, with good summaries at the end


Verified Users

Mildred, mom of 2 girls (13 and 17)

The courses provide a comprehensive coverage and answers all the questions that we could think of as parents of teens that are so engaged with the use of technology. Thank you for sharing your expertise on this matter. Indeed, it would be very helpful for parents that need a roadmap in navigating this very complex world that our teens are in right now. More power to you!


Verified Users

Dad of 10 and 13 year old daughters.

I love the “scripts” and questions.   This is something you can apply to a situation and for me one of the most valuable real take away.   In other words, this wasn’t just a course discussing all this stuff. It was a course that provided actionable steps to enact some of these suggestions. I love that!  It is overall a great course as is.  I have a tech background and have been researching iPhone 3rd party control apps that are alternatives to screen time.


Verified Users

mom of 13yo boy

Thank you for providing this content! It’s so important and helpful!


Verified Users

mom of 10 and 14 year old girls

I work in tech at a school that is very tech-heavy and I think this course would be a great intro course for our parents who are unsure about how to handle the sudden increase of tech use due to our schools learning environment. It also is very encouraging for me since a lot of the information in the course are things that I already have in place in my own home with my own kids. I really learned a lot from the "Keeping them safe from online risks" module as it's a topic that I haven't had a need to start exploring yet since my kids are not on social media (of their own choice). I wonder if this is something I can/should watch with my kids as well. We often have conversations about the internet and social media and I think they would appreciate the information shared in the course especially because it is shared through a parent's perspective.

Verified Users

Dad of an 11 year-old

Thank you so much for putting this course together and sharing your knowledge and experience.  Navigating tech with my son is much more difficult than I ever expected, especially as I feel I am fairly tech savy as an engineer who has worked with automotive embedded computer controls for 30 years.


Verified Users

2 girls 17 and 18 years

Thanks for considering us parents in this digital new world. It's been tough.


Verified Users

Ellyn S.
(parent to 15 yo/girl)

Your easygoing demeanor in sharing information about tech parenting was reassuring and calming. I especially liked how you started many of the units with asking the teen what is working already and centering their experience. Even though the videos were focused on tech parenting, your tips transcended tech and taught me skills for better parenting in general.  

Brava for a job well done! Thank you for sharing your important work with the world.


Verified Users

Mom of 12 year old boy and 2 toddlers

I feel like this is a resource I can come back to as things arise with my child--my son is 12, I teach high school, and I can imagine returning to these videos and pdfs when something happens or I can anticipate a dilemma arising in either my home or workplace. Good luck with launching this awesome platform!


Verified Users

Brian, father of 17-year old (and 25-year old and 23-year old)

Overall, I thought it was great and enjoyed the videos I watched.  The length of the videos worked well for me.  I genuinely wish these had been available when my children were younger.  


Verified Users

Becca and children:
Ethan age 14/male Abby 11/female. Sammy age /7 female, Eli 4/male

Great videos, like the length and quick overview of information. I am interested to watch the later scenario ones, very relatable for me.


Verified Users

mother of a 14 yr old

Excellent videos and fun to watch. Would definitely recommend the course.