Raise happy, healthy kids–on and off devices.

Tech Parenting 101: The only online course that gives you research-backed tools to navigate tech parenting - from your kid’s first phone until they leave home.

Raising teens in the age of smartphones is uncharted territory. 

And it seems like you’re navigating it without a roadmap.
How do you set and keep healthy boundaries with tech?
How can you monitor their tech use without losing their trust?
How do you help them navigate the ups and downs of social media?
Where in the world do you start when it comes to tech parenting?

Finally, answers to all your tech parenting questions.

(Even the ones you didn’t know to ask.)
Tech Parenting 101 brings you the latest research to help you:
Confidently make decisions about phones and social media
Have meaningful conversations with your kids
Understand the warning signs of unhealthy use
Manage screen time like a pro
Set smart boundaries and keep your kids safe
Help kids (ages 10-17) build healthy tech habits to last a lifetime
"It feels like parenting is harder when phones and social media are involved. Tech Parenting 101 solved that problem for me. I know what to do and say, I feel more confident and it’s improved all the relationships in our family.
- James H.
Meet your tech parenting guides

Dr. Jacqueline Nesi &
Dr. Emily Weinstein

We’re psychologists, researchers, and authors who have dedicated our careers to helping families navigate tech.

We get it. Feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced when it comes to tech parenting is totally normal – but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve spent over a decade researching, teaching, and working with families to make informed decisions about tech and social media. We want to help you do the same.

We’re excited to take the guesswork out of tech parenting and set your child up for success.
Clinical Psychologist &
Researcher at Brown University
Developmental Psychologist & Researcher at Harvard University

Your roadmap to reclaiming peace and managing technology in your home.

Get a glimpse of the lessons inside Tech Parenting 101.
The Basics of Tech Parenting
Understand how the teen brain works, what happens when you add tech to the mix, and what you can do - even as tech continues to change.
Keeping Kids Safe Online
Get a real picture of online risks and make the most of privacy settings and controls that put your child’s safety first.
Screen Time & Tech Addiction
Get research-backed tips for managing screen time, spot the warning signs of problematic use, and set them up for healthy tech habits that will last a lifetime.
Protecting Mental Health
Learn how to protect your teen’s mental health, help them navigate strong emotions, and build their self-esteem in meaningful ways.
Navigating Social Media
Help your kid through all the ups and downs of social media from friendship drama to risky content.
Tough Topics
Learn the essential talking points for covering pornography, violent video games, sexting, and more.

You can help your child build healthy tech habits.

1. Get Tech Parenting 101.
We’ll break down the research to guide you from managing screen time to online risks–all while teaching you exactly what to say.
2. Watch at your own pace.
With bite-size videos packed with actionable steps, you can put your new skills to work in your own household.
3. Feel more confident.
Parent your kids confidently knowing you have an evidence-based roadmap to raising happy, healthy kids in a world with tech.

Technology isn't going away.

You and your kids deserve so much more than a life that’s disconnected and stressed behind a screen. With Tech Parenting 101, you can finally get a roadmap to parenting your teens and tweens so they can build healthy tech habits that will last a lifetime.
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